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Sip The Success Of A Tea Stall

by Tandava Krishna


It was an astonishing moment for the world when it was revealed that the Prime Minister of India, the most important person of the country, once used to be a chai-wallah (tea seller). Many think it was a huge factor that helped the PM connect with the people and win the elections of the country as India is obsessed with Tea. Jokes apart! Tea is the most popular drink in India. Indians consume almost 837000 tonnes of tea every year and we have never heard anyone saying ‘I had too much tea’. The drink that was introduced to us by Britishers as an exploitative regime for their benefit. The labor in India was cheap and the lands in the northeastern area were best suited for tea cultivation. The British left but the tea culture remained with us. Now with many modifications, tea is available in many flavors and Indian chai is served as chai-tea by giant international café chains around the world. 

Now that we have made it clear that tea is a very important part of Indian culture and when we look around, it is quite evident as there are very many tea stalls along the road where ever we go around our country. These tea stalls though look shabby but they earn a huge profit on a daily basis. The competition in this market is not very high because of the huge population our country has and the demand is always high. Along with the tallest buildings in most modern cities with the fanciest offices, you’ll always find a tea stall nearby and the employees wandering around taking a break from work or coming there for a quick cigarette. Many people leave their low paying jobs to set up a tea stall business so that they can keep the profit for themselves and work with dignity.

Let’s have a look at how you can start a tea stall business:

Find a suitable location

Having a tea stall near a posh colony will not bring you any profit. The people have their lavish homes where they can make tea and have it. The best place to set up a tea shop business is near an office, in the market, in college campuses or educational institutes, near a construction place or in a public space where footfall is high. These are the places where people need a break from their work or routine and are more likely to visit your stall with their friends. You are also more likely to have regular customers in these settings.


The tea stall business does not demand any high-end infrastructure. It is a business with low funding and low demands. All you need to have is a table to keep your stove and jars on and a shelter. You can set up your tea stall on the roadside or you can have a small space around the corner and arrange a big umbrella. You can also add a few small stools or chairs and extend your shed to these. This setting usually is good to go with.


If you are starting a tea stall business your main investment is the types of equipment. You need to have a stove, a few jars to keep snacks, kettles, glasses,  pans, spoons, tissues, etc. You can also add a small refrigeration unit to keep your dairy products intact for the whole day. These are all low-cost investments that can be used at other places too

Arrange Raw material

The tea stall business does not need a lot of spending in this sector too. The products that are used to make tea, coffee such as milk, water, tea leaves, sugar are cheap. Have a set of people from whom you can buy your raw material daily and are reliable. You should not miss out on your profit just because you were careless while arranging your resources. You can always look for more affordable products in the market but do not compromise on the quality of the end product.

Go for variety

Along with the basic tea, you can experiment with tea flavors and types. Introduce cutting chai, black tea, green tea, cold coffee, etc, and bring variety to your menu. People are used to these beverages and will most likely buy it from you. These are easy to make and include cheap ingredients so there is also not time hassle and extra cost required. 

Have Accompaniments 

Although tea itself is sufficient to keep Indians satisfied but, as mentioned earlier, high tea was a British culture and Indians adopted it. As our internal colonization continues, we love having snacks with our beverages. Having biscuits, other local bakery items like puffs or cream rolls, chips are very common. Cigarettes are also demanded by many people and have become synonymous with tea stalls, so you can keep them as an option.


Tea Stall Business is a highlight in the unorganized business sector in India. People tend to leave their jobs to live a life of dignity and make money for themselves by setting up tea stalls. There was a time when this business was looked down on but those days are gone. With our government asking the youth to be self-dependent, this desperate time has called for desperate measures and tea is here to save us, again. To start any business, be it small or big, there is always a risk of losing out money or not making enough profit. But don’t let this fear come in your way of success. Many people have made their tea stall businesses to big establishments. You can look up to our Prime Minister for encouragement for this, enjoy the process. All the best!


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