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small business ideas for rural areas

Small Business Ideas For Rural Areas

by Tandava Krishna


Our government is asking us to become an Atmanirbhar Bharat (self-dependant India) and the increase in the unemployment rate of our country, many young warriors have taken battles in their hands and are ready to join the market as entrepreneurs. India is a country with a big population and the demands for the product is almost high. In this arena, the demand for inexpensive products is higher because of the average low income of the people of our country. Even the entrepreneurs have to start from small scale industry because of the inaccessibility of resources available to them. But there is no reason to lose hope as small and medium scale industry has become a primum focus for our government and they are coming up with various plans to help start-ups and MSMEs to grow their business. Also, there are multiple choices available in this sector and the initial investment is not very high.

If you are interested to open a small business enterprise in your small town or village, here are a few ideas:

  • Kirana store

Kirana store, a small shop that sells grocery and other sundries. We all have that one Kirana Store which we know we can rely on. It is there for many years and we have a good relationship with the owner who has seen you grow up. So, when you are looking forward to opening a Kirana Store or to increase its profitability look back first to understand how that business was built and how it made you feel and put the same tactics and emotions in your Kirana Store.

  • Fruit and vegetable shop

This business as it is conventional will require from you a lot of discipline and determination but once you set your foot on the ground and settle in the market, the competition becomes a lot easier. Fruits and vegetables are basic necessity for everyone and thus will always be in demand and it’s unlikely you’ll have bad day in this business.

  • Handcraft business

    Handicrafts are the decorative handmade products usually made in a small-scale setting and are skill based. India has had many artisans and craftsmen. Majority of India’s tribe have their income relied upon handicraft as it is the only skill they know. There are many handicraft business ideas that can be executed with the help of these artisans which will help them and increase your profit as well.

  • Aata Chakki business

You must have heard stories from your parents or grandparents about how they used to get their own flour by getting their selected wheat variety grounded in front of them at a aata-chakki shop in your neighborhood and how it was the best quality of Aata present and there is nothing in comparison to that. This business is still famous in many households so it is a good investment in small scale industry.

  • Spice business

The spices of India are well known around the world.  Spices are amongst the most exported products from India amounting to a billion dollar industry. One of the most important items of culinary for Indians, spices are used in all households of our country thus one can expect it is never going out of demand. As a result, many people are drawn towards starting their own spice business which is a very good investment.

  • Tea stall business

Tea stalls though look shabby but they earn a huge profit on a daily basis. The competition in this market is not very high because of the huge population our country has and the demand is always high. Along with the tallest buildings in most modern cities with the fanciest offices, you’ll always find a tea stall nearby and the employees wandering around taking a break from work or coming there for a quick cigarette. Many people leave their low paying jobs to set up a tea stall business so that they can keep the profit for themselves and work with dignity.

  • Pickle business

    A balanced Indian thali includes all the elements that are required to make you full, nourish and at the same time help with digestion. One such element is Pickle. There are so many types of pickle variety that out of these a person can pick at one or two that are their go to flavours. It is an important part of daily meal in many regions and is loved by all. Pickle are easy to make and can be stored for years if made with quality ingredients. It is because of the ease of business and the demand, there has a boom in the industry of snacks business. Along with the rise of e-commerce, now the ease of doing pickle business has increased manifolds and is attracting investors. The global market for pickle is around 8 billion which is expected to grow at the CAGR of 3.5 between years 2019-2025. The statistics proof it is a very profitable business venture.

  • Boutique business

People love designer clothes and many have come up with their own fashion sense and styling. They need experts’ advice and boutique business does just that. Open a boutique and sell those designer clothes as demand for them is never ever going to be low and you can earn for your skills.

  • Bee Farming

    popularly called apiculture is maintenance of bee colonies for honey. It not only helps to gain profit through honey but also is a very important process for maintaining the balance of ecosystem. India is among the top ten countries in total honey production in the world with an annual bee production of about 1.05 lakh metric tonnes. These results show that India has significantly improved its bee farm business and the industry is booming at a steady pace. You can invest in this and earn large profits.

  • Chicken or Fish Farming

    Chicken farming is the raising of birds particularly hens domestically or commercially for their meat and eggs. Billions of chickens are raised around the globe every year. The same goes for India as chicken is the second most consumed in our country and with such a big population the demand is quite high. Likewise Fish farming is the raising of fish particularly hens domestically or commercially for food. Billions of fishes are raised around the globe every year. The same goes for India as fish is a staple for the coastal region of our peninsular India and with such a big population the demand is quite high. India the country ranks second in the world in total fish production with an annual fish production of about 9.06 million metric tonnes. For chicken fams, India has an annual output of 41.06 billion eggs and 1000 million broilers that makes it the fourth-largest producer of eggs and the fifth largest producer of chicken in the world. These results show that India has significantly improved its fish farm and chicken farm business and the industry is booming at a steady pace. You can invest in this and earn high profits. 

It is very encouraging to see young minds having an interest in setting up their businesses and working with full force and empowering themselves. There is nothing such as big and small in business, your investment and profit are all that matters. Keep the quality of your products good and versatile and enjoy the process of growing and learning. Starting any business takes a good amount of planning. If you want your new business to succeed, understand the risks that come with entrepreneurship. It often takes a few years to get a business off the ground even with the best-laid business plan and advanced marketing. To open any business, one should be ready to work hard and show a lot of perseverance and determination. Any business will have good and bad days but it depends on the owner how they want to go about it. All the best!

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