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by Tandava Krishna


India is a country of huge diversity and it is visible in almost all aspects. Being such a large country in all prospects be it a huge population or vast area we find variation everywhere, according to geography and culture. The same diversity is seen in Indian food. With exotic naans and breads and gravies to lassis and chutney and pickleS. A balanced Indian thali includes all the elements that are required to make you full, nourish and at the same time help with digestion. One such element is Pickle. There are so many types of pickle variety that out of these a person can pick at one or two that are their go to flavours. It is an important part of daily meal in many regions and is loved by all. Pickle are easy to make and can be stored for years if made with quality ingredients. It is because of the ease of business and the demand, there has a boom in the industry of snacks business. Along with the rise of e-commerce, now the ease of doing pickle business has increased manifolds and is attracting investors. The global market for pickle is around 8 billion which is expected to grow at the CAGR of 3.5 between years 2019-2025. The statistics proof it is a very profitable business venture.

 If you are interested to open a pickle business, here are the steps that will help you in that:

Create a Plan 

If you are manufacturing, you need to understand it is not an easy task and requires a good understanding of the skill and knowledge of large scale production behind manufacturing your product. Your scale of pickle business will depend on it a lot. With that decide what will be your reach. If it is an offline store, will you be heading out deliveries in your local circle or are you willing to extend your business to online mode? Will you deliver out of your town or within it? Decide the storage area you are going to keep your goods in.
The growth will only follow if you thrive in the market and the homemade business needs investment and time when you are creating a new brand. You will also need a workforce that will help in making the recipes for those pickles. A team of researchers to check if the recipe is safe and a factory where all this can be manufactured. So plan accordingly.

Do your research

A pickle business although looks like an easy venture to open. You have to do a lot of research about how the market functions and what is the demand and supply chain in this business. If you are manufacturing your products you must have the knowledge of the ingredients you are putting in your pickles. You need to have a great shopkeeper’s skills and a compassionate personality. You must know how to attract customers to your shop.

Decide on product

There are different types of pickle available in the market such as mango pickle, lemon pickle, mixed pickle, sweet pickle, etc. The list is never ending. Based on your expertise and according to people’s choice, decide what are the products you will be producing. Give attention to your packaging as it is very vital for your business. Decide if you want to distribute them in jars, pouches or to sell in open. Try to make way for sustainable packaging and avoid plastic.
Make sure you produce pickles in an optimum amount to avoid wastage. Always have a distributor who can provide you with the raw material for your product.

The business will expand and the list can always increase but decide first what is your introductory range and how influential it is and will it get enough attention. 

Decide on the size of business

The business has a lot of scopes to grow. Make a plan for what is going to be the size of your business at first. The growth will only follow if you thrive in the market and the pickle business needs investment and time as the goods which are sold are perishable and cannot be stored for a very long time and if stored they need to be processed accordingly. One should always be ready for bad days and thus also take care of the amount that is produced on a daily basis. It is better to start small and develop as your customer base develops

License and Permit

To start any business in India, you need to have legal permission sorted beforehand to avoid any hassles with government officials. You’ll need to get yourself registered as a business person, get FSSAI approvals, and get all the documentation handy.
You are making your new brand, make sure you get a patent by your brand name so no one can copy your products.


The location of your pickle business matters a lot. Try to keep your shop away from a place where there are already several stores available. Open a store in a densely populated area so even if there are competitors around, you will always have people buying from you. Buy or rent a space that is big enough to equip all your pickle making equipment and has storage space for your items. 


Even if you are making your products or just selling products from different brands, you’ll always need storage space. Depending on the scale of business and the sales of goods find a place that is not too big or too small for your pickle business.


It is a prerequisite. You cannot have a pickle business without having the proper equipment in which you will cook your pickles. So, make a list of the equipment according to the items that you will be selling. Remember, this is not something that you can compromise on. From a big mixing unit to a simple cutter, all are of prime importance. 

Generate funds

This is amongst the first things to do. Depending on the scale of your business, you will require a principal investment. Get yourself sponsors who are willing to support a local business and have your back.

Create a brand name and logo

Although this sounds very common for any food business. Before opening a pickle business, understand that a brand name is very important in this industry. Decide for yourself a brand name that people, when hear, can relate with the pickle industry and there is no confusion in their mind about what the product could be. Make sure once you decide the name and logo of the brand, get a patent.

Go online

Setting up any business requires a strong local connection and communication so that the business can propagate but with the rise in the use of e-commerce, things have become a lot easier. Make a website for your pickle business and set delivery boundaries according to yourself. Arrange your products in different categories and use various models and tools which are available online to make your website catchier and more attractive. 

Social Media presence and Marketing

Be ready to do a lot of marketing. Social Media is used by almost everyone around the globe. It is almost certain that at least one person in a household must be using any social media platform. Putting up pages on Facebook and Instagram and asking youth in youth in the locality to share it amongst friends, developing a strong SEO, and investing in marketing offline can bring great audience attraction to your store. Putting up ads with discounts and amazing offers are always a plus. Along with online, spending on offline methods to propagate business is necessary. Go old school and hand our pamphlet whenever a customer arrives. Since you already have an offline store and most customers who have done business with you will keep your number saved, you can invest in WhatsApp Business and use its marketing tools to propagate your business. It is convenient to use and digitally provides a personal touch as the medium is one-to-one messaging which has become one of the best provisions of converting prospects to customers. Remember to greet them nicely and make them feel important.

It is exciting to see a lot of entrepreneurs working with full force and empowering themselves by setting up a small business. Most pickle businesses started in the backyard so don’t let your morale down when you see those big brands competing. Keep the quality of your product high and enjoy the process of growing and learning. All the best!


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