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Explore The Profitable Food Business Ideas

by Tandava Krishna


Our country is known for its hospitality and ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ is our mantra. People of India are full of humility and modesty and they love to serve others. Amidst them, we have people who love to treat guests with feasts and are passionate about food. As our government is making emphasis on having start-ups to our youth and coming up with various facilities to encourage this idea, many of these people with passion for food have found their career path in food business. The gourmet food market is a huge industry in India and is growing at an exponential rate. People love having delicacies and as the income is increasing, they are willing to spend more on it. The rise in demands has attracted many investors. You can find cafes and restaurants at every corner in the urban cities and the trend is reaching the suburbs. 

Let’s have a look at a few ideas for food business

  • Restaurant

Every urban city is filled with Restaurants nowadays. The restaurant owners now invest in interior and have various themes set for their restaurant. The aesthetics is one of the major reasons what draws the customers to their business. The variety of food and beauty of place makes it one of the most famous food businesses.

  • Bakery

Who doesn’t love desserts? In India, bakeries are synonymous with dessert shops. They sell Cakes, pastries, cookies, biscuits and variety of baked items consumed and loved by most of us. Bakery are our staples to buy from whenever we have birthdays or any special occasion.
Indian bakery market is forecasted to grow from 7.12 billion USD in 2018 to 12 billion USD in 2024. It is the best time to invest in this business.

  • Coffee Shop

Thanks to the American Sitcoms, Cafés have become really popular amongst Indian youth. Cafes are a type of restaurant that serve coffee and tea along with ligh refreshments and baked goods and snacks.
They are a great option to start your food business.

  • Catering services

All marriages and big events call for the requirement of catering services. Catering services coordinate the preparation, creation, delivery, and presentation of food for clients on a big scale. They are always in demand and the business is never going down in demand.

  • Cooking Class

Everyone now has realised the need to cook. People have started moving away from families and are living on their own. It is a basic life skill and everyone must know it. Cooking classes are always in demand and will be. It does not require any special monetary investment but you must have good skills. 

  • Food Truck

New York City is famous for its food trucks and the idea has reached Indian food market and is equally accepted by Indians. This low initial investment food business runs on skills of the chef and the variety of food you have in menu in that mobile shop.

  • Tiffin service business

Tiffin services are like home to those who are living away from their families. They provide warm, simple, home like food to the working people and students and is again a very low investment but good profit and satisfactory business.

  • Ice cream shop

Ice cream shops in the market have increased manifold because of their demand. There is nothing as too many ice creams shops because they are always going to be less. The demand of ice creams is what makes this business profitable and evergreen.

  • Juice Shop

Go around Delhi, and you will find numerous people standing at the juice shop waiting for the favourite juices in the scorching heat. The juice shop is an old business and is becoming famous each passing day. People are understanding the benefits of fruits and juices thus the demand is increasing and this business is rising.

  •  Sweet Shop

The mithai walas give a typical imagery in our minds whenever we think of them. There are mithai shops running which are century old and their business has only increased. India is a country of festivals and each demands sweets. Our sweet shops are always our happy place to visit and is a very profitable market.

  •  Fast Food Shop

The fast paced life nowadays demands for similar resorts if we want to catch up. The fast food shops are our go to as they are cheap and good is delicious. The small kiosks are known for their mouth-watering foods and people are always looking to have food there.

  • Organic Food Shop

There are a lot of processed food available in the market but as people are realising their health repercussions they are moving towards more wholesome and organic food which is environment friendly, free from chemicals and good for their health. They are demanded by most celebrities and health enthusiasts and this business is becoming increasingly popular.

  • Confectionery

Confectioneries earlier used to sell sweets and bakery items that mainly interested children but with time, the list of items of a confectionery store has increased and they have become like a tuck shop for us, keeping all sorts of instant snacks like chips, sodas, chocolates, and whatnot. the demand for confectioneries has increased as they are medium for us to get those instant packets available to us in our local market. It is a market of big profit and the demand is high in urban cities. It is a very interesting and profitable startup idea. 

  • Pizza Shop

Pizza is amongst the most eaten food in the world. Dominos and Pizza Hut even after being international brands have been appreciated by India as home brands. Their popularity has inspired many people to make local brands that are now growing and getting fame. You too can invest in this food business and enjoy the benefits of it

  • Tea stall

Tea stalls are a favourite place for college students. They have their addas (gang meetings) there and these are famous for making memories. The low investment business is one of the best startup ideas. Many people are leaving their jobs to have their tea stalls opened because of the benefits and profits in this business.

The food business is never going to soar in our country. As the income of people is increasing, so is their purchase power. India being a country where people love food, they are ready to spend it on their favourite delicacies. Pick any of these business and be assured of having a profitable business. All the best!


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