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Tips To Open A Computer Business

by Tandava Krishna


We all have learnt in our primary classes about ‘Charles Baggage’ the father of computer. After him many successors came, we saw the genius of Alan Turing who invented the modern computer and with the invention of Macintosh, Steve Job introduced to the world with an invention that changed everyone’s life forever. Computers are one of the most innovative inventions of a modern world. We have come to a point where technology is advancing with the pace of light and the world is running after it trying to get the latest gadgets and Computers. Computers have become a necessity for the present world and have become an essential part of our daily life. Computers are used not just for calculating as they were used for the first time for but for various reasons as they have replaced, television, account diaries, management tables and all the paper work. They have become our primary source of gaining knowledge and being connected with the world. It has basically taken a role of an office. During the pandemic, Computers were inseparable companions to those working from home as they only kept many businesses up and going during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is understood by all that there is no going back from this, Computers have become an inseparable part of our lives. For the same reason, the Computer Business has become a big market all over the world. In India, there are around 2.4 million doing computer related jobs and there more than 60 million computers. When we see the digital platform being used for almost everything in the world right now, we have to understand that computer is the present and the future. The magnitude of this business is magnanimous and thus has scope for a lot of profit even in the retail. 

Let’s take a look at how you can start a computer business:

Create a Plan 

Decide beforehand what kind of Computer business you want to open. Is it just a retail shop or you’ll have in-house repairing of Computer? If you are repairing, you need to understand it is not an easy task and requires a good understanding of the skill and technological knowledge behind it. You will have to hire professionals and the scale of your business will be bigger. With that decide what will be your reach. If you want an offline store or an online store? If it is an offline store how big of a space you are expecting to have and will also hand out deliveries. And if it is an online store, what storage area you are going to keep your goods in, and what will be your area of service.

Make a plan for what is going to be the size of your business at first. The growth will only follow if you thrive in the market and the Computer business needs investment and time. One should always be ready for bad days.

Do your research

The Computer business is not an easy venture to open. You have to do a lot of research about how the market functions and what is the demand and supply chain in this business. The Computer business requires maintenance even when they are at your warehouse so know the science of how to manage them wisely so that none of your product is wasted. If you are repairing Computers, be assured you know what to do. 

Take Permits and License

To start any business in India, you need to have legal permission sorted beforehand to avoid any hassles with government officials. You’ll need to get yourself registered as a business person, get your GST registration, and all sorts of licenses and permits are done. Make sure you are ready with all the paperwork and to take multiple rounds of government offices because opening any business in India calls for this.

Have the right distributor

Make sure you have a distributor who can easily make you available with the supply whenever you demand them and have access to the modern and the latest technology of Computers that are changing with trends in the market.
If you are repairing your product, have a distributor who can supply you with the required material of good quality and variety.
To have a successful computer business, you should know that customers should not go empty-handed so go for diversity in your products.

Be vary of Competition and choose the right Location

The location of your Computer business matters a lot. Try to keep your shop away from a place where there are already several stores available. Open a store in a densely populated area so even if there are competitors around, you will always have people buying from you. Buy or rent a space that is big enough where you can store your items carefully and systematically.
Opening a store in a small town where there are already many manufacturers or Computer distributors makes no sense. So, look for a place where you can stand out and be highlighted. You can also opt to have your Computer business set up near roads where many automobiles can locate you.

Go online

Setting up any business requires a strong local connection and communication so that the business can propagate but with the rise in the use of e-commerce, things have become a lot easier. Make a website for your Computer business and set delivery boundaries according to yourself. Arrange your products in different categories and use various models and tools which are available online to make your website catchier and more attractive. 

Focus on Marketing 

Make use of social media as it is almost certain that at least one person in your locality must be using any social media platform. Putting up pages on Facebook and Instagram and asking youth in youth in the locality to share it amongst friends, developing a strong SEO, and investing in marketing offline can bring great audience attraction to your new automobile accessory business. Putting up ads with discounts and amazing offers are always a plus. Along with online, spending on offline methods to propagate business is necessary. Go old school and hand our pamphlet whenever a customer arrives. Since you have an offline store and most customers will save your number for future reference, you can invest in WhatsApp Business and use its marketing tools to propagate your business. It is convenient to use and digitally provides a personal touch as the medium is one to one messaging which has become one of the best provisions of converting prospects to customers. Remember to greet them nicely and make them feel important.

Starting a Computer business takes a good amount of planning. If you want your new business to succeed, understand the risks that come with entrepreneurship. It often takes a few years to get a business off the ground even with the best-laid business plan and advanced marketing. To open any business, one should be ready to work hard and show a lot of perseverance and determination. Any business will have good and bad days but it depends on the owner how they want to go about it. All the best!


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