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Agriculture Business Ideas

Agriculture Business Ideas

by Tandava Krishna


India is a country where more than half a population is employed in agricultural services. For some, it is a profitable business while for others it is a big struggle. To employ such a large population there are many sectors even in agriculture. Given the economy of our country where it is almost impossible to find a job in the service sector, many are investing in agricultural businesses. If you too want to start your own Agricultural Businesses, here are a few ideas. 

Greenhouse farming

It is one of a kind farm practice of growing crops inside protected structures covered by a transparent, or translucent material. The primary purpose of greenhouses is to provide ideal growing conditions and to shield crops from unfavorable weather conditions and pests.
Greenhouse farming essentially helps in providing a business opportunity to grow crops all-round the year to meet the market demands and grow high-quality crops for export purposes. It is prominent in areas where there is very limited land available for farming and thus is beneficial for those who have a small area under them and still produce a high yield.

Bee Farming

It is popularly called apiculture is the maintenance of bee colonies for honey. It not only helps to gain profit through honey but also is a very important process for maintaining the balance of the ecosystem. India is among the top ten countries in total honey production in the world with an annual bee production of about 1.05 lakh metric tonnes. These results show that India has significantly improved its bee farm business and the industry is booming at a steady pace. You can invest in this and earn large profits.

Mushroom farming

It is one of the most gainful agri-business that you can begin with low investment and less space. Mushroom development in India is developing continuously as an elective source of income for many individuals. Around the world, the US, China, Italy, and the Netherlands are the top makers of mushrooms. In India, Uttar Pradesh is the main producer of mushrooms followed by Tripura and Kerala. The best advantage of this endeavor is the way that mushrooms have the ability to convert nutritionally worthless substances like wheat or paddy straw into nutritious delicacies. It additionally empowers reusing of Argo wastes like fertilizer and chicken compost which in any case are causing pollution issues.

Spice Business

The diversity that is seen in Indian food and the reason for this is the spices used in it. The culinary expertise with a variety of spices is what makes Indian food so different from the rest of the world. Today, Indian spices are available everywhere in the world. The reason for this is the spice business that has been on the rise ever since the Britishers came. The item that was the reason for the British invasion of our country for trade purposes and led to unscrupulous historical events of colonization, the spices of India are well known around the world.  Spices are amongst the most exported products from India amounting to a billion-dollar industry. One of the most important items of culinary for Indians, spices are used in all households of our country thus one can expect it is never going out of demand. As a result, many people are drawn towards starting their own spice business.

Chicken Farming

It is the raising of birds particularly hens domestically or commercially for their meat and eggs. Billions of chickens are raised around the globe every year. The same goes for India as the chicken is the second most consumed in our country and with such a big population the demand is quite high. India has an annual output of 41.06 billion eggs and 1000 million broilers that makes it the fourth-largest producer of eggs and the fifth largest producer of chicken in the world. These results show that India has significantly improved its chicken farm business and the industry is booming at a steady pace. 

Shrimp Business

Famous for spices and textile, coastal areas in India are also prominent for seafood as the demand from them is increasing more than ever. People love to have delicacy made from exotic meat and with a rise in restaurant culture and them including various cuisines in their menu, the demand has reached to regions where transporting meat is a big task. To solve this, just like fish, shrimp farming has also become prominent. Shrimp farming is an aquaculture business for producing shrimps for human consumption. The task of shrimp farming is meticulous and one must learn about it or take some course to get the details on how to manage it. Last year in 2019, India produced 7,00,000 tonnes of shrimps the majority of which were exported to the United States and China. Along with shrimps from natural habitat, the Shrimp farm business is also growing prominently and is earning huge profit.

Organic farming

It is a horticultural system that utilizes environmentally based green manure, compost, biological pest control, organic fertilizers derived generally from animal and plant squanders, nitrogen-fixing cover crops, and crop rotation to produce crops, livestock, and poultry. Organic centered agriculture cultivates the cycling of resources to conserve biodiversity and promote ecological balance. The utilization of green compost, spread harvests, animal fertilizer and soil rotation to interrupt the cycle of pests and maladies, improve soil fertility, and boost the soil’s biological activity are the essential parts of organic farming. Present-day organic farming is created as a response to the ecological damage brought about by the usage of chemical pesticides and synthetic fertilizers in conventional farming practices, and it has various biological advantages. 

Livestock Management and Dairy

Cattles are given special status in our country for they provide us with many dairy products which are essential for us. India is the world’s largest dairy producer but is mainly traditional. The dairy business is locally done in many remote villages in India and has been inherent in our culture. Indian dairy market is one of the largest and fastest-growing industries in the world with the largest consumer and producer of milk and milk products. It is the staple to consume dairy products for almost everyone across the country even after such diversity. Its uses go far beyond the dietary and nutritional values and its consumption is more of a habit without which one cannot imagine a life. They have numerous benefits and because of which it is used in many Hindu rituals. The annual growth in the dairy sector in India is about 4.9 percent. This is a very profitable business to invest in. 

Meat Business

Meat is one of the most important and affordable sources of protein for us, it has nutrients and lipids that are important for us. As a result, the demand for meat is very high, in India more than 70% of people consume meat. India has the world’s largest livestock and produces around 5.3 million MT of Meat and 75 bn eggs annually. It is the largest producer of buffalo meat and 2nd largest producer of goat meat. Looking at these numbers, we know that this business is very high in demand because there is never going to be enough supply. The industry is growing over years and has garnered the attention of many investors. If you are one, it is a great time to dive into this industry. 

Plant Nursery Business

Apart from the beauty, we Indians have auspicious symbols related to the plants we keep in our houses, and now with the rise in demand for organic foods, people have turned this hobby into a resource by growing their own vegetables. All these functions are possible only because of the availability of the plant nursery near us. They make us available with a variety that cannot be accessed by us and tell us the right method to grow our plants. If you are interested in opening up a plant nursery, the following are a few ways to go about it. Also, you must appreciate yourself for the effort that you are putting in. Apart from giving happiness to people, you are contributing to this planet by enabling people to grow more plants.



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