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50 Low Investment And Profitable Handicraft Business Ideas

by Tandava Krishna

There was a time when everything was made with hands and this was as normal as sun rising the east. Then came era of industrialisation and plastic and it revolutionised the way our world works. Manufacturing became faster, easier and cheaper than ever but it also hit our handicraft business and majority of local craftsmen were affected by it. With time, it was realised the quality and beauty of handicraft could not be replicated by machine and because of low availability it became a luxury. Now we are back to square one. The demand for handicraft is high again and handicraft business is all set to fire the market as people are ready to spend huge amount for hand made products.

Handicrafts are the decorative handmade products usually made in a small-scale setting and are skill based. India has had many artisans and craftsmen. Majority of India’s tribe have their income relied upon handicraft as it is the only skill they know. There are many handicraft business ideas that can be executed with the help of these artisans which will help them and increase your profit as well.

Let’s have a look at top 50 handicraft business ideas:

  1. Soap making
    – Handicraft Soaps are a luxury. You can be as creative as you want to be while making soaps, be it design, texture or scent. Don’t hesitate there are people who are always ready to buy quirky scented handmade soap in the market.
  2. Gift card maker– Handmade cards are real heart rob and when people are busiest than ever, they need someone to make it for them. Use your skill and make cards by hands and help people be happy
  3. Florist– Flowers are beautiful. Decorate them with shimmers and ribbons and add more beauty to them and earn profit by it.
  4. Knitter– there was a time Grandmas used to make sweaters for us every winter. Gone are those days but people still miss wearing hand knitted sweater. Bring your skills to best use and make profit out of it.
  5. Candle maker– Like soaps candles are a total hit in handicraft business. These are easy to make and you can always play creatively with the designs and smell
  6. Painter– Painting were and are the art that can never be replaced. The market is huge for custom painting. Go sell your skill!
  7. Embroider– One of the highest in demand. India is famous for its embroidery and various type and there are many craftsmen skilled in them. This is huge in handicraft business
  8. Poster maker– use your painting and design skill and make posters. the authenticity of handmade poster is appreciated in big ad companies and film industries. Be creative and go on board with it.
  9. Handmade gifts– this includes a variety of products such as candles, soaps, cards, artifact. Decide on which are the products you have a skill set in and sell them online or offline
  10. Designer– with rise of social media, interest of people has also elevated in designer clothing. Use your creativity and design them dresses and sell for which people pay really good price
  11. Custom Tailor– If you don’t want to design and have a knack for sewing, ask your customers to get you a design and make a dress for them just like that. It is a conventional method used by many Indians and is still very popular
  12. Colour book artist– Use your creativity while designing books Colouring books which brings pleasure to kids and adults both.
  13. Basket weaver– with many skilled labours available for this, it is a great idea for handicraft business which is low in investment and high in profit
  14. Quilter– we have many brands available for blankets but none give pleasure of the warm childhood quilt. Help people relive those memories.
  15. Caricature artist– caricatures are high in demand for their funny element. Use your skill and sell your art
  16. Fibre artist– Knit and weave and embroider as you like and sell your handicraft
  17. Baker– people are always ready for bread and desert. Bring your baking game to any online or offline medium and you’ll find long queue customers waiting for you

  18. Gift wrap
    – easy as it sounds, it requires a skill set to wrap a gift in different and beautiful style and people are ready to pay for the creativity and neatness
  19. Scrap booking– scrapbook is a time investment and an art which is personal. Be a volunteer and charge money to make scrap book for people. It’s beautiful and close to heart.
  20. Furniture decorator– carve those chairs or paint them quirky. Make them beautiful and sell them

  21. Mural maker
    – Go big with your art. Paint those walls and decorate them beautifully.
  22. Carpenter– Make use of your creative brains and those skilled hands and build beautiful furniture and sell it

  23. Jewellery maker
    – now very popular among both ladies and gents. Make beautiful jewellery with different materials and sell them. People are always ready to pay for them
  24. Custom photo frame maker– no one wants basic now. Design those photo frames for customers as they like. Decorate them with shimmers and clay. They make big profit.
  25. Interior decorator– designer painting and pottery for interior are big in demand. Set a theme according to your customers and design their interior.
  26. Decoration designer– india is a country of festivals and festivities call for decorations. Be a decoration design and bring new decorative to the market with your handicraft business
  27. Art and craft/ origami– you can sell these offline and online or can tutor kids or adult about making origami.
  28. Calligrapher– it’s not just for soothing videos. Make most of your calligraphy skills for writing invites and designing logos.
  29. Clay Sculptor– always been there and always will be. One of the best in Handicraft business, clay sculptures make big money

  30. Photographer
    – everyone today wants to be clicked by a professional, sell those beautiful pictures clicked by you.
  31. Rubber Stamp Maker– not just office, people love having customised seals for themselves. Bring your skills to market.
  32. Natural Dyer– everyone wants organic now. Use your skill of dyeing and sell them online or offline

  33. Book Binder
    – books are there and will forever be (I hope). Hard bind books are sold at good amount, understand the business and make your cut.
  34. Wood Carver– the antiques that last and have people always willing to pay for them. You your skilled hands and make some beautiful curves on the wood and sell them at big prices.
  35. Pet Accessories Maker– pets are loved as people’s own children and people are ready to spend big amounts to keep them beautiful. Use your love and kindness and share it with world by making pet accessories. The idea is new and very fun
  36. Pot maker– satisfying to watch you can make pots and to make. sell those beautiful pots in different styles.

  37. Perfume maker
    – the most luxurious of the handicraft business. People are always interested to purchase those beautiful fragrant in lovely glass bottles. Play with the packaging and make big money
  38. Essential oil mixer– as new as it sounds, the world is now realising the benefits of essential oils and it is becoming a big business. Understand their chemistry, mix and sell them for their benefits
  39. Carpet weaver– The machines can never make the intricate designs that are made by hands. Hire the skilful weaver and sell those carpets for big price
  40. Jute products maker– everyone is concerned about nature. Make beautiful jute products like bags and hats and help people replace plastic.
  41. Shells artifact– big hit in coastal areas. Authentic shell artifacts made by hands are sold at huge prices
  42. Collage making– people love collages of their old photos or memories. Use your creativity and create different designs
  43. Tapestry– Bring the old rituals back and start your handicrafts business by selling beautiful tapestry home decors
  44. Papier Mache– it is popular among kids and most appreciated by adults. Bring your A-game on and sell it
  45. Religious ritual objects– India is a country rich in tradition and has many rituals that are followed even today. Make the decorative used in rituals. It is cost-effective and can be sold for a good profit
  46. Macramé making– Use those skilled fingers and make beautiful thread made macramés for house beautification. You can also use different colors for quirky themes
  47. Glassmaking– these require a lot of skill and caution but once you master this skill and have a setting to make different glass patterns, it will open your door to a make a huge profit from your this handicraft business
  48. Shoes decorating– people love designer clothes and footwear. You must be aware of different designs on footwear from Rajasthan and Gujarat which are made by hand on plain shoes. You can use your skill-set to make a big profit from this
  49. Ceramic maker– people are a hoarder of beautiful ceramics which are kept with care at the home and are always ready to pay a good amount for them
  50. Welding– fusing different metals together to make beautiful artifacts is a skill that very few people have. Make the most use of it and bring those edgy products to the market.

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